AWARENESS for safety

Delhi Police For North East Folks

PROBLEMS face by NE people in while travelling in buses from Delhi to other cities – AWARENESS for safety ……….
Most of people from NE states especially youth travel by buses to diffrent neigbouring cities from Delhi ISBT to UP, Uttarkahnd, Haryana, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Panjab & MP, even to Nepal from buses from ISBT Delhi.
I am getting large number of complaints from NE people while travelling by buses. ( Recent incidents of Arunachal students, Naga youth, Assamese family …..are worrisome incidents ).
I have personally sensitized and briefed all Delhi Police posted in these ISBT to attend any problems of NE passengers.

– ANALYSIS of all these cases need an URGENT AWARENESS CAMPAIGN to avoid such incidents with NE passengers while travelling by buses ….crimes of cheatings, overcharging, drugged, lose of luggages, left by buses at short stop over places, quarelling over seats by strangers occupying their seats during break time, even molestations/ inappropriate touching to girls / ladies during night time, pickpocket, snatching of costly items like mobiles, jewelleries, over charging of fares etc ………

Therefore, i would ADVISE following TIPS for NE people while travelling from Delhi to other cities.

– Try to travel in a group or try to know any known travellers or any NE people in buses, one can get the names from station notice board.
– Never ever eat anything offer by strangers, it could be mixed with intoxicating substances.
– Unnecessary revealing of informations while talking should be avoided.
– Never ever wear costly jewellery, watch or display costly mobile while on buses, these attract criminals to loot you by any means.
– Better have frugal food rather than risking by going down to bus staions where they stop for few minutes for buying those food etc.
– Not to show or carry too much of cash in your wallets.
– Not to plug in music system at short stop and break. ( one student missed his bus while busy listening earphone songs at Dhaba on way to chandigarh.)
– Also, as brother, I would advise, wear fully covered dresses ( it’s not moral policing, just an advice as elder an brother).
– Not to display public kissing or hug while seeing them off at bus stations.

– HERE are DELHI POLICE ISBT stations Incharges mobile numbers for immediate help, Delhi has 3 inter state bus stations, you will be reaching here in any of these stations in DELHI on way to other cities…… in case of mishap, file complaint if needed, if no proper response than call NE HELPLINE 1093 immediately.


– Police Incharge ISBT Kashmere gate ( North Delhi)- 9717066543( You can meet him at police chowki there.)
– Land line – 011 – 23862129
– Sarai Kale Kahan ISBT( South East) – 011- 24358349
– Anand Vihar ISBT( North East) – 011- 22148097

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IGP Robin Hibu IPS.
Nodal Officer for North East People, Delhi.